A Wedding in Antalya, Turkey - Get Married Where the East Meets West

Turkey has for centuries been the place where the East meets West. It is a great destination and very popular among tourists worldwide. Turkey is also a great country where weddings can be solemnized. People from across the globe evince interest in getting married in Turkey. Indians have found Turkey to be a great destination where they can get married.

Wedding Arrangements

Wander Weddings, the top Indian Wedding Planner in Antalya,Turkey helps to make all the arrangements in Turkey for your wedding. Right from choosing the venue, to booking the rooms and venue and making all the arrangements, our team of experts will do the best job to exceed your expectations. There are procedures to be followed in Turkey to get married. Documentation needs to be arranged, we help you with the legal procedures. Health tests are required to get married, we can help get everything done seamlessly.

Just Step into the Venue

We make everything ready at the venue. You have to just step in and complete the ceremonies. We book rooms, make the wedding venue ready, prepare the stage and most importantly design a great décor. We are a well-known Destination Wedding Planner in Antalya, Turkey with a network of partners to create an awesome ambience for your wedding. We have arrangements with the Best Wedding Photographers, Videographers in Turkey to ensure the precious moments are captured on film. Professional videography is done and we assure you that you will be delighted with the end result. You can spend hours with the family reliving the wonderful experiences spent at this great destination.

Special Arrangements

We can make special arrangements at the venue like belly dancing and other entertainment options for your guests to enjoy. We also can help book the honeymoon. Unique experiences like a hot air balloon tour or a cruise in the Mediterranean are options available for the couple to enjoy and relax post the wedding. Come to us for the perfect Destination Wedding in Antalya, Turkey.

Wedding in Turkey

If you want to get married in Turkey, then Wander Weddings, one of the leading Wedding or Event Planner In Antalya, Turkey can help get it done. Turkey offers a great environment, with seas and mountains abundant. Indians prefer Turkey as a great wedding destination. Some of the popular places in Turkey are:

  • Antalya, considered as the tourism capital of the country
  • Cappadocia, a historical destination
  • Bodrum, a medieval city with fortresses
  • Istanbul, a modern city – the capital of Turkey.

Come to us for the perfect Turkey wedding.